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Belief & Approaches

belief & approaches Amitabh Buddhist Society’s main objective is to serve the humanity as per teachings of Lord Buddha. We wish to open a new world in rural region. Our intention is to work in rural region to spread socialism, to provide educational base, protection of environment and spiritual development as per the teaching of Lord Buddha. We wish to provide job opportunities, business openings as well as to develop a good infrastructure for good commutation in rural region. We wish to reduce the difference between rural and urban region.

As per Buddhism, pains and sorrows are main drawbacks of human developments. As long as they prevail in society, human race can not develop. This is the universal truth. We were thinking how the pains and sorrows can be reduced to improve the conditions of rural population, who are the most sufferers. After analyzing the situation we realized that unless the economic conditions of poor rural population is improved, the pains and sorrows can not be reduced. We are aware that to root out poverty is a national problem. We can not do miracle of elimination of poverty on our own. But if we could improve the conditions of a small section of the society, then it will be an act of sharing a national responsibility. Our intensions are national, social, regional and spiritual. We want to serve mankind and nation.

Food is the basic requirement of any living thing. In rural region, agriculture is the main profession. People use their traditional methods for cultivation. The yield of crop what they get is insufficient to meet their basic need. That results into starvation. How can one expect anyone to work hard with half empty stomach? Nation wide researches are being made to increase the yield of crops. If this knowledge is shared with rural people, then they will be benefited. Our attempts are to make rural people self sufficient in agriculture profession, by introducing latest techniques.

To increase the family income, there are various means available now. Along with agriculture, side by side poultry, piggery, sheep breeding, traditional cloth weaving, handicraft making activities can provide additional sizable income to the rural families. They have a natural talent in them for traditional art and culture. We wish to promote that skill in them by arranging advance training program to promote the skill and also arrange for market for their finished products. This is the generation of self employment.

The nature has blessed us with lots of free sources of energy, but we are unaware of that. The wind, solar and biogas energies are the examples of non conventional energies. We wish to introduce these latest technologies in rural region to save the traditional use of timber firewood for fuel. Biogas and use of compost manure will provide a cleaner and pollution free environment.  Indirectly our emphasize is to make an Eco friendly community.

Health and hygiene are common problems in rural region. Lot of superstitions and lack of health facilities are there. We wish to arrange proper health camps and develop medical awareness in them.

By concentrating our activities in the above mentioned areas, we are hopeful of minimizing sorrow and painful conditions in rural region. We are inspired by the principles of Buddhism and wish to put into practice by working for people of rural region.