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Become a Volunteer

become a volunteerTo uplift the social and economical conditions of rural region is not a one man’s job. It needs a band of selfless and dedicated volunteers. It is our observation that in our society there are lots of young men and women who are ready to work selflessly for a social cause. But they do not know whom to approach.

Well we, Amitabha Buddhist Society are opening our doors for them. We invite them to join us for this noble cause. This opportunity will not only provide them the road to their expectations, but it will take them to an entirely new region to quench their anxiety. For them, this will be an admission to Open University where they can learn the reality of social life. They can come with more new ideas and solutions to the existing rural problems. They will be happy to work in pollution free atmosphere. Also their creativity will get opportunity to experiment their new ideas.

These days, the Govt. is also encouraging and appealing the younger generation to go to the rural areas to know the real face of India. If India has to be a super power, then it is possible only when its rural population is well educated and economically strong. Spiritualism is our culture and heritage. But it is getting diluted in the present western culture. With the help of younger generation we want to reinstate the spiritual culture back.

Hence, ABS appeals to all to participate in this social awakening movement.

Those who are willing to join us as volunteer, are requested to write to us at following

email id: volunteer@amitabhasociety.org or

They can contact us in person at our office address or on Landline No: +91 020-20250010