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The religion of the future will be cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogmatic theology, covering both the natural and the spiritual; it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answer the description... if there is any religion that could cope up with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism. - Albert Einstein

Buddhism is not a Religion but an "Art of Living". According to Webstars dictionary the definition of religion is as follows, “ An organized system of beliefs, cities and celebrations central on a supernatural powers, belief pursued with devotions.” Buddhism is not a religion, because first the Buddha is not a Super “Natural Power.” The Buddha is simply a person who has reached complete understanding of the reality of life and the universe.

Buddhism is a most profound and wholesome educator directed by the Buddha towards all peoples. The content is - Buddha’s forty nine years of teaching - the true face of life and universe. Life refers to oneself, universe refers to our living (environment). Buddha taught that all being posses the same utility within to teach complete understanding of themselves and their environment and the free themselves from all suffering thus attaining utmost happiness. All being can become Buddha.

Buddha in Sanskrit word meaning “Wisdom, Awareness/ understanding. Buddha is not a god but a teacher who teaches us the way to restore wisdom and understand by conquering the greed, anger and ignorance which blind us at the present moment.

Many people think that Siddharth Gautam is the founder of this religion and he is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But this is not true. We call him the founder of Buddhism, Buddha Shakyamuni is the original teacher. He has attained complete understanding and wisdom of life and the universe. Buddhism is his education to us. It is his teaching that shines the way to Buddhism.

Gautam never told in his life that he is a founder of new religion “Buddhism”. But he several times said that he has a Universal knowledge. He became an enlightened person and wanted to share his profound knowledge with common people.

Buddhism is not a religion because “Belief” in the Buddha teachings is not “blind belief”. Blind faith is far from superstitions. Buddha Shakyamuni taught us not to blindly believe what he told us, he wants us to try the teachings and prove them for ourselves. The Buddha wants us to know, do not merely believe the Buddha teachings. Let it flow from his own experience the truth for ourselves.

Buddhism is not religion because all the cities and celebrations are not centered on a supernatural being, neither on the people attending the assemblies. The ceremonies and celebrations in Buddhism all serve the educational purpose, a reminder of Buddha teachings and encouragement to all students who practice them. The point of all ceremonies is to return to wisdom and understanding.

Buddhism is not religion because the devotion used in Buddhism is not one based on emotion, but based on reason. The Buddhism education is truly not a religious, but an education teaching us the way to break through ignorance and arrive at a perfect understanding of ourselves and everything around us. 

ABS is teaching Buddhism as per scientific base.