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children Childhood and ABS Activities

In the area where ABS is working, it is known as a versatile Trust. For the overall development of people, we consider all the important aspects of life, like social, economical, religious etc. We believe that total life of individual should be joyful, cheerful and full of satisfaction.

The period between birth and death is life.  Our life starts from childhood.

As far as a remote place like Achler in Maharashtra is concerned, where ABS determined to contribute the share of various services, among which one of the factors is Childhood.

Childhood: Basically human body is not a hydraulic machine but it is a creative, productive and progressive tool to become perfect, smooth and peaceful. Behind every act, or action mind is the only factor. It can develop, destruct, maintain or spoil every thing. So we are either creators or destructors depending on our mind development. So to develop a creator in a child, we need to nourish a person from his/her childhood.

Population Growth and Child Development are mutually interlinked factors with one affecting the other. In the areas where ABS is working it has started a Mission for Child Development.

Barriers in Child Development

  1. Ignorance, illiteracy, blind faiths.
  2. Differences and approaches between girls’ and boys’ birth.
  3. Hygienic conditions and availability of health treatment.
  4. Care of Child Prebirth and after birth.
  5. Poor Financial conditions lead to lack of physical and mental growth which creates permanent disability in children.

Health of mother is critical and affects child’s future and fate. Actually like this, hundreds of problems are affecting child developments which lead to dark future of children.

ABS role and line of action in the area surrounded.
We will start separate activity as under.

  1. In the Trust area permanent Child Health Center.
  2. Children and kids mental, physical, social and family development by education.

ABS activities

  1. In the Trust premises.
  2. Around the area (Mobile).

Trust will have only Childcare unit in the premises where one Doctor (Children) pediatrician will be available for 24 hrs, who will take care of child’s all health problems i.e. both normal and abnormal cases too. We will tie up with near by State and Central Government hospitals to get all kinds of support. The schemes run by Government will be executed, such as malnutrition program. At the same time awareness will be created regarding food and nutrition among the parents by conducting seminars, giving them (mothers) training of Childcare etc. We would also try to remove the blind faiths, illusions and fears about religious practices which are deeply rooted in their minds about Child Health, education etc.

To avoid and prevent pre delivery abortion of girls which is a common phenomena all over the country today.  Due to Indian customs, culture and religion parents are tempted to give birth to boy only. Even today specially in remote places, i.e. in mofasil  areas and villages birth of  girl is considered as a liability  and birth of boy (Male) is seen as an asset for the family. Inspite  of  the law, this mentality of masses have not been totally removed.

ABS feels to initiate awareness programmes to remove such prejudices, ill feelings. Trust will have propaganda against such ill minds of people.

In the Trust poor kids of backward and illiterate people will be given required treatment, free food, Clothing and education.

Time to time trust will arrange programmes on the same with the help of supportive State Government, Central Government, various Child Care Centers in the world and other Socio, Medical Organizations too. ABS's directive, massive, planned and organized programs will make this mission successful.

There will be one “Mobile Van” with all medical facilities to take care of ‘Children’ in the nearby area periodically.

Health, Education, and Development

As ABS has taken this task we would conduct a survey in this area of ABS’s work and the surrounding villages and accordingly chalkout the programmes in near future.

Basically we will prove to the masses, with the use of various media like VCD’s, Videos etc that birth of male and female are equal. We would create awareness in the mind of masses. ABS believes that it is very important to remove all illusions, blind faiths and religious fears for real development of Child.

Children are backbone of society.  Today’s children are tomorrows youth  and Pillars of nation. Society can develop only if the citizens have sound understanding, and are physically and mentally strong. So now is the time to mold the children physically, mentally and developing good receptivity and positive approach among them. For Child development good infrastructure like best food, clothing and educational facilities will be provided by ABS.

Depending on the responses of people time to time, the trust with the help of  State Government, Central Government and even world class societies, Associations etc., will be introducing and providing better schemes for the people.