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Developing Agriculture

developing agricultureIndian Economy is mainly based on agriculture. 5000 years’ history of human, human development and agriculture is with us. In the field of agricultural evolution, revolution has taken place from time to time as per our needs with available resources. It has developed a new culture. In our Agricultural project we will mainly work out on...

  1. Pulses, rice, Wheat etc.
  2. Fruits and other associated allied products
  3. Vegetables

Amitabha Buddhist Society will study and start the training activity in this regard, mainly for people and farmers around the nearby areas.


Modern and new approach for conventional agriculture methods: This will help in saving of time, better yield and improvement in economy.

Non-conventional Agriculture Trainings: Today with the help of science, technology and various remarkable researches, it is made possible to cultivate land at any season of the year. Now any type of land can be made fertile and cultivable according to the need of the Agricultural products. New technologies like dripping, and controlling temperature, climatic conditions can be controlled. In spite of unfavorable natural, geographic conditions we can take desired output without losses or we can definitely minimize losses. The agriculture productivity can be increased and 100% success is possible.

Our mission

We will develop special laboratory, and training counters in which all farmers residing in the surrounding areas will get systematic, scientific and practical training with which losses can be avoided.

Ayurvedic Product

For thousand of years Indian Medicines have proven its quality all over the world. "Ayurveda" which is not only ancient but very effective and have proven that it can give 100% cure to people and other animals.

In the nature there are lots of trees with curing properties. Their leaves, trunks, roots are used as very effective medicines on incurable diseases too. Even today, for worldwide health of human beings “Ayurveda” is a great hope to meet various challenges in the present allopathic medicine system.
The Trust has a plan for plantation of “Ayurvedic Vanaspati”. Our Ayurvedic experts, consultants, and Vaidya (Doctors) are carefully studying the conditions and making an impressive plan for such a plantation. It will maintain ecological equilibrium, Greenery and most important production of raw material for Ayurvedic Medicines. We propose to have separate “laboratory” and research center, manufacturing units and systematic propaganda of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicine to reduce the Health problems.

Ayurvedic system accepts and practice  that “Prevention is better than cure”, Concept of “Positive health” is possible only in Ayurveda. Naturally Trust will concentrate, develop and arrange such activity by planning and proper execution of plan to  develop faith and belief in the minds of people for Ayurvada. (Please refer rough sketches, plans, plantation information about trees, their names, use etc. in our layout plan) Your valuable comments, suggestions, sharing of experiences will be highly appreciated in this matter.

Floriculture: In the nature thousands of types of flowers are available. These colorful and beautiful flowers attract everybody. Today floriculture has very important role to play in this global world. For the last 40/50 years, various types of flowers, leaves and decorative plants bushes and other such material has a good world market. It is a way of earning and it creates employments.  So our experts are working on this project, and after careful study of geographical situation, soil quality, water availability and market requirements, we will develop green houses for floriculture. Seasonal flowers, plants, 12 months flowers, their Indian market, exports, required manpower etc are being explored to develop this Floriculture project.