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Developing Forestry

developing forestryAll over world, nature has given us all the  resources to live happily on the earth like  light, water, wind and what not? Since ancient times all sources are available, still we have reached to “Global Warming” stage. All animals, creatures including human life is in danger.

In past 100 /150 years, in the name of development and with the help of science, we have used and consumed, and are still consuming all the resources and misusing these resources. We have lost the of equilibrium of earth. The ultimate result is that we are facing lot of problems.

Our climate is deteriorating day by day, and hence, our water requirements, our pollution problems, health problems, our harvest problem everything is going to spoil. The whole cycle is disturbed and is collapsing day by day.

Every problem has its own answer. Our collective efforts, awareness, direct of action, and positive approach only can save and maintain equilibrium of earth.

India, Indian Situation and Solution?

India and Indian geography, sources and controls for “Global Warming” India has got longest seashore and total country is full of varieties like Rivers, Mountains, vallies and plain lands.  For the last 50 years we have used, misused and consumed and consuming endlessly our resources, like water, solar energy, lands, trees and other minerals, sea products, and environment.


Amitabha Buddhist Society considered this subject very seriously. So major portion of our land of trust will be used for this project. In fact in the remote areas that we have selected, environmental aspect is not only essential but its effective implementation very essential.

Temperature, water availability, Ecological position and other situation are in serious condition and  it is necessary to make awareness in the minds of masses in the surrounding area.

Plantation and Greenery Creation

Considering the geographical position, soil testing, water availability, temperature conditions and the utility, productivity, time etc., we have chalked out big program, at least on 50 acres where we propose to start forestry.

Mainly Division  will be as under:

  1. Forestry – Short term and seasonal trees.
  2. Floriculture – flowers nurseries and vegetables.
  3. Medicinal forestry.

From time innumerable Indian trees, greenery and their products are part and parcel of animals life. Our life, our survival is not possible without forestry.

Animals, all human life, lifestyle and culture, customs, communities cannot play any role without forestry.

  1. Fresh Air.
  2. Water.
  3. Soil conservation.
  4. Food, clothing, houses (shelters).
  5. Rain cycle and ecological balance is not possible.

At present under the name of civilization, development  and  for our short term benefits we have already encroached the area of forestry. Now the alarming bell has already shown miserable position of all animals (including human life) which is a very very serious picture.

ABS will take this project as a challenge. At least in this area we propose to plant thousands of various types of Trees, where greenery and forestry can save all above factors. Blue print of the total project is under preparation by our experts, consultants, well wishers, and members are working, planning and coordinating the project and execution, implementation, and various activities will take place within a span of 1 year.

We have classified the programme and accordingly worked out as under:

  1. Plantation of Trees-which will grow very fast and create greenery and will help for rainfalls, fresh and cool air in the nearby area, which will create pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Tree plantations which will be useful for Ayurvedic Medicines.
  1. Short term like Tulsi and other.
  2. Long term–permanent tree plantations.