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Educational Path

educational path Now we are a developing country. Even after 60 years of independence the gap between “Rich and Poor” is large and it is increasing day by day. Rich are becoming richer and poor are remaining poor. Cities and metropolitan cities are flourishing and villages are not even getting basic infrastructural facilities. We have come to the conclusion that education is the basic requirement for development.

Education causes development in a person in all aspects. Education increases employment and self employment opportunities. Only education can elevate lifestyle of a person. It brings pleasures in the life of a person. There is no substitute for education at any levels in the country. Today, if we really want that all people should come and join in the main stream of development, then we must try to spread, execute, induce importance of education in the mind of maximum masses, mainly in the remote rural areas. On government levels this mission is going on for years together, but the results have not reached the expected level. So it is not possible to achieve the required level of literacy only with government activities. Naturally NGO like us must take active and direct participation in the process of development.

What is Education? Who requires it? How it can be activated?

It is said that every problem has the solution. Like wise, our basic trust is to start activity with education as a main problem.

What is Education?

Education is nothing but endless process of gaining knowledge, which starts from birth and ends only after death of a person. It means learning something for happiness, satisfaction, enjoyment and betterment. After gaining the knowledge use it, implement it and act accordingly for achievements and success. Basically our life is beautiful. And after understanding the true meaning of education, we can make it happier and contented. We should try to become happier. For getting knowledge and using it, we need training. So education process is part and parcel of life for development.

Our Educational Activities in Future:

Residential school:

Trust has chalked out a plan. During forth coming 5 years, we wish to start a small residential school for 100 boys and 50 girl students from near by area only.

Selection of Students:

  1. The children of farmers and those below poverty line will be admitted as students in a residential School. All students will stay in the hostel of Trust. So food, clothing, medical checkup and all other facilities will be provided by Trust.
  2. From 1st Standard to 10th standard education will be provided. Academic as well as vocational education and computer awareness will be provided.
  3. Before admission, all students will appear for attitude and aptitude tests conducted by Trust and based on the results; we will plan for the development of students and would execute the plan accordingly. We believe that not only bookish knowledge, but development of character and discipline are quite important.
  4. Staffing
    1. Teaching
    2. Non teaching
    3. Administrative
    4. Other man power

The well qualified and trained teachers for various subjects will be recruited.
The non teaching and administrative staff will also be well qualified, devoted and sincere. The method of teaching will be a mission and not hardship to students.

Development of Students

Right from childhood, along with education various other programs will be conducted to increase the understanding and enhancing feelings of brotherhood among the students. With these daily programs, efforts are being taken to develop students mentally and physically. Knowledge about our culture, religion & nature will be given. At the same time patriotism will be developed among students. In fact, this training starts from within families, but here all the students will be developed with a whole day program in residential school.

Non Conventional Education Scheme Man is an intellectual animal, and from his birth till death, education process has a profound affect on his mind. Without need, urge, emergence, no one would take education. There is no substitution to education, if one wants to develop, or want employment or self employment and earn money.

Trust proposes to develop the team of various professionals, those who have got vocational skills. Those who are experienced in traditional type of arts, production and many other activities, the skills those are hereditary or by traditions. They will provide training in developing traditional skills in students, arrange to market their products and help for self employment. This will reduce poverty and tackle with unemployment problems in India.

Trust will provide the

  1. Place
  2. Workshops training programmes
  3. Marketing supports
  4. Supply of raw materials, and will even provide initial finance in the form of loans.

Within a span of 5 years we aim to create at least 100 to 150 self employments in small scale and cottage industries sector.

Such missions require your small efforts, strong will and determination.