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Please don’t hesitant to contact us, if you cannot find the answer below.

Q. How old is ABS?

Ans. ABS was established in the year 2010.

Q. What is the nature of your organization?

Ans. ABS is a non-political organization. We work towards the implementation of welfare initiatives for the underprivileged community and we have broadened our horizon to all the people who need upliftment. We  strongly believe in promotion of human welfare.

Q. Why was ABS established?

Ans. The realization of a group of young corporate professionals, that it was their Social responsibility to uplift poor of the society, laid the inception of ABS.

Q. What is the definition of a non-governmental organization (NGO)?

Ans. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is defined as an independent institution created under national private law. It is non-profitable institution and pursues goals of international public utility. It is worth noting that there is no internationally recognized definition of an NGO. Non-profit does not mean the association cannot make a profit, only that any profits must be re-invested in the work of the association in order to fulfill the defined purposes.

Q. What are the causes that ABS works towards?

Ans. We are mainly concerned about the causes of education & health of underprivileged children through Mission Education, healthcare of people living in urban slums and rural villages. Through our initiative of our volunteers, livelihood of the marginalized youth through our other Programs for girl child and mother welfare.

Q. How can I seek information about Support/Training programs?

Ans. ABS has a comprehensive list of programs those are conducted on regular basis. You can visit our site regularly for the latest updates on Support/Training programs.

Q. How can I contribute to the work of the ABS?

Ans. ABS accepts voluntary financial contributions if consistent with its aims and activities. We also welcome Volunteers to work for the different programs.

Q. I want to work for the ABS. Where can I send my details?

Ans. To apply, please see volunteering section. For any other details please visit the contact us section.

Q. Can I receive financial assistance from the ABS?

Ans. Financial aid is not available to individuals as salary.  But depending on the case we shall take our decision for TA/DA.  For more details please contact us.

Q. Does the ABS offer scholarships?

Ans. The ABS offers no general scholarship or student funding program. However, ABS provides scholarships to need based students. For more details please contact us. We have some norms defined and it includes details on scholarships, financial assistance, training programs, student employment possibilities and facilities for handicapped.

Q. What is so unique or different about ABS? How is it different from the other NGOs?

Ans. Unlike other development organizations, we work on the unique model of Social Venture Philanthropy (Voluntary promotion of human welfare). Through this model, we handhold, train and capacitate genuine local grass roots initiatives across the country. Thus, despite having the same amount of resources, we reach out to more number of beneficiaries compared to many other NGOs.

Q. Why do you stress on education, when there are other equally pressing issues in the country?

Ans. We believe that the education alone has the power that can redeem the poor from their poverty – not only in terms of earning a livelihood but also becoming aware of the rights and freedoms that a citizen is endowed with, thus empowering individuals and becoming self-dependant beyond doubt.

Q. How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly?

Ans. ABS has put in place an audit system (internal and external audit) which ensures the correct utilization of funds. In order to maintain transparency we encourage our supporters to make all donations only through cheques, demand drafts, credit cards or online payments.

Q. Can I donate clothes, computers, books, food supplies, etc.?

Ans. Yes, We appreciate your inclination to support the deprived in all the possible ways.

Q. How can I get associated with ABS?

Ans. We appreciate every human effort made for the betterment of the society. In our journey so far, we have received immense support from numerous individuals, various corporate, development agencies, educational institutions, celebrities and the media fraternity. You can associate with us by contacting us through our Contact Us page or at our Office address.

Q. What are the plans for the future?

Ans. ABS Intends to reach out to all the people who need our support in any district of the country and to spread Awareness about Human Welfare among every Indian and Initiation on needs based services for all in need. Revolutionize the non-profit sector through our example of adaptation of technology to development.