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HIV "Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light."

AIDS, what comes in our mind when we hear about this deadly disease...? What is AIDS..?

Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a disease that affects the immune system of a person as suggested by its name. Once infected, the disease can lead to the patient having many other diseases due to the extremely weak immune system of the body.

Today the disease has become a pandemic and we as an organization are working to help the society on the whole to fight against this disease. Amitabha Buddhist Society have been undertaking a lot of awareness programs which are active at many locations to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. The primary motive is prevention because there is no known cure for AIDS. There is a lot of research which is going on all over the world to find a vaccine for this deadly disease.

HIV/AIDS is one of the major issues in front of every nation today, if we do not find ways to fight against HIV, it has capability to affect each individual or to put it in another words every member of the family in world. HIV virus does not recognize any boundaries of any nation, it does not understand difference of languages and neither has it understood differences between poor and rich, women or child or men. Our NGO is working to get the Human Kind together to work towards helping the people with awareness and prevention steps for the help of the people all over.

The lack of prevention and treatment efforts means there is a high risk of expansion of the epidemic, which currently involves many people with full-blown AIDS and many asymptomatic HIV carriers all over.

ABS are working continuously to bring an awakening in our society and give them education on AIDS. Each and every one of our society needs to know that it doesn't spread through playing, eating or living together. We must respect them also as few innocent people acquire AIDS. One of the major reasons for its spreading is ignorance so we at ABS help people to know more and more about it and we give them education towards preventing this disease. ABS's primary goal is around similar objectives. We believe preventive efforts play a vital role and demands for "medications for all" is one of our principal goals.

ABS are continuously working to defend the right of the women, young people and prostitutes. Our objectives also include fight against prostitution, Helping street children. We have AIDS awareness programs designed for the needs of these particular age groups and in spite of the ongoing lack of financial and voluntary resources, we are multiplying in immense quantity for our activities and hope that we cater the masses & prevent them rather than cure them from this dangerous disease called "HIV/AIDS" because it’s rightly said "Prevention is better than cure."