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library "Literacy thy name is library"

Liberty is the right of every human being. Liberty can only make a man liberal. Liberation means enhancement of acceptance, understanding and peaceful way of life. Development of any individual will be possible only when person is liberal and no person can become liberal without library.

ABS’s various activities can not develop without library.

  1. For our own purpose we propose to develop well – equipped library which will have separate building, qualified librarian with required staff (skilled and unskilled).
  1. Books, magazines, periodicals on special issues on various subjects in the world.
  2. Now the time has changed and within no time we can get any specific information through internet (search engines, example Google and others), Wikipedia etc. To match with time and accept the challenges our Computer Librarian in Trust’s library will have separate Computer. Librarian will have to be upgrade the library from time to time and should arrange any of information, knowledge, diagrams, data etc. useful for staff and others too. ABS has studied carefully the importance of knowledge and without library none of our aims can be achieved.

Trusts concept and vision for library: There are many reasons why ABS trust wants to maintain library.

  1. To get ready reference with help of books.
  2. To get maximum knowledge throughout life.
  3. For specific syllabus, study and exams, research etc.

ABS proposes to have separate building for library in which different wings will be started like:

  1. Books, Periodicals, magazines and other difficult divisions stock.
  2. Reading Hall at least for 3/4th space of the Library and separate hall for a capacity of 30 to 50 readers at a time..

ABS Library will be the replica of our entire mission. Our Library will have mainly two wings.

  1. Material life
  2. Spiritual life.

Material Life: All physical sciences, human sciences, management, geography, and other important books, periodicals will be kept ready and up-to-date. World class reference books will be available in the library. ABS proposes to prepare top class library in India which would be visited by visitors, students, scholars not only from India but from the whole world and get reference books and knowledge of any stream.

In addition if required residential facilities i.e. a small hostel with all facilities will be made available for visitors, students and scholars who want to reside for a longer time.

Spiritual Life: From the time man has been creative, it has been observed that. Man is an animal, who can think of better life. The major asset to human beings is their thinking capacity. Human Beings are always in search of life before birth, life after death etc. Different religions, thinkers, scholars, religious guides have given in depth insight on man’s life and life after death. This is an endless curiosity which remains in the man’s mind. Scholars, students, religions, cultures, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, karma theory etc are all in search of this questions. These subjects can be studied in this section. To know ultimate “Truth of life”, lifestyle, peace of minds, belief, illusions etc are the topics that will be available here.

For ethics a separate section of library will be kept. In this section one seminar hall will be arranged, In this seminar hall cadres on various topics like enlightenment of human life, different kinds of tendencies and sorrows, happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind etc with its dimensions, will be discussed from time to time. In short ABS library will be nothing but ABS eyes, ears, nose and heart. Our prestigious, most unique and beautiful concept will be executed by way of such library.

Our e-Library

Virtually we are in the 21st century. Science, and information technology have proven the miracles in the world. ‘E’ media has made the whole world as a village. At a glance we can gather, see and experience the world beyond imagination. Of course this media can be applied in both the ways. This is a two sided weapon which can be either used for destruction or for the well being of humanity. We will use this most modern media for mankind’s development only.

We propose to keep and use audio - visual media in which speeches, pictures, worlds important wonders can be  accessed through our ‘E’ Library in which their will be ‘N’ numbers of cassettes, C.D.’s, LCD’s and other material will kept for students, scholars and philosophers reference.

Our General-Library

This should enhance people in the remote areas. The idea is that with the help of various tools  available in the library like pictures, models, animals, trees etc learning process  should take place for rural people ranging from childhood to old age  illiterate persons.

"Friends", all this is depending on your valuable suggestions, participation and most important, responses from you. It is needless to say that we are waiting for your joining, directly or indirectly in this mission.