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meditation "Unconsciousness is a wandering outside; consciousness is a deepening of the inside."

Meditation is an intensely personal and spiritual experience. The desired purpose of each meditation technique is to channel normal waking consciousness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one`s state of mind. To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self.

ABS agrees to the fact, Meditation is the key to the Salvation. The concentration plays an important role in the process of meditation. We at ABS work towards the upliftment of humanity. The upliftment of humans is possible through materialistic life but we should not forget even spiritual life is equally important. So we help people to understand themselves. We help them with the way through which they'll understand and know themselves. We teach them the method of meditation and all the steps for the same. The education is very important either material world or spiritual world. There are people unfortunately those who couldn’t get either of these. We at ABS help such people those who are less privileged with regards to this education. We give them wisdom for an elated life that consciousness is bliss, unconsciousness is misery.

ABS teaches the values which includes the following pearls of wisdom and takes many more efforts to spread the knowledge and teaches all the steps of meditation.Our whole effort is to create a no-mind state in people. We are not here to convince people about anything. We are not here to give you a dogma, a creed to live by. We are here to take all creeds away from people because only then will life happen to be happy for you. We are not giving people anything to live by; we are simply taking all props away from you, all crutches. Meditation is the source; compassion is the overflow of that source. The non meditative man has no energy for love, for compassion, for celebration. The non meditative person is disconnected from his own source of energy; he is not in contact with the ocean. He has a little bit of energy that is created by food, by air, by matter—he lives on physical energy. They also have the rights to live a healthy and educated life and even spiritually elated life. They need our help and we promise them to make their life a better world.

The entire process of meditation usually entails the three stages of concentration, meditation and enlightenment or absorption. ABS professional’s teach this art to all those who are willing to lean. The meditator starts off by concentrating on a certain point. Once attention gets engaged, concentration turns into meditation. And through continuous meditation, the meditator merges with the object of concentration, which might either be the present moment or the Divine Entity.

But more than anything else, meditation is being used as a personal growth device these days—for inculcating a more positive attitude towards life at large. ABS wish to convey to all that, Meditation is not necessarily a religious practice, but because of its spiritual element it forms an integral part of most religions.

Meditation is painful in the beginning but it bestows immortal Bliss and supreme joy in the end.