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Reduce Poverty

reduce poverty The poverty is a big curse to humanity. The recent Census has recorded.... People living under poverty line. Their daily income is less than.... Rs. Per day. Will it be possible to maintain a family and survive in the present period of high cost of living? The costs of the bare minimum essential commodities are soaring high daily, that even a middleclass family has to struggle hard to balance the monthly budget. The problem of poverty is a Universal concern. There is hardly any country, where poverty does not exist.

The causes of poverty are universally known. Illiteracy, ignorance, lack of skills and lack of job opportunities lead to poverty. High rate of population growth is also a contributory factor. Roti, Kapda aur Makaan are basic needs of a common man. If these needs are satisfied, then the man will have less tensions and he can participate in social development activities.

To eradicate poverty is the toughest task. Amitabha Buddhist Society know, we can not remove the poverty from society. Yes, but we are sure to uplift some poor families of our society, not by giving them the monetary help, but we are committed to make those families so competent that they can stand on their own feet firmly and boldly. A well known Chinese proverb says, "You give me a fish, I will eat it for a day. You teach me to fish, I will eat it life time." This is our approach to fight poverty.

ABS is interested in making them literate, to teach them to read and write. Then only they will know what is happening around them, and where they are! Their self realization of the situation is important. Let them know, why they have to grow and how they can grow. This will take away their ignorance and make them smart. Let them understand themselves, to earn more money, what they have to do. We will provide them all the help to motivate them and boost up their morals. These days, the poor do not want charity, but they want someone to support them to make them stand up. And that is why, we are there.

In our primary survey, we have observed that when these people have learnt that improvement in social conditions is not that difficult as they were thinking. It is the lack of knowledge that was the main hurdle. This ignorance can very well be tackled with proper approach. We have a very good social and humanitarian consideration with us. We have a spiritual foundation. With this we not only want to improve their social conditions, but also want to develop a spiritual sense in them. Buddhism is the answer to all these problems. After all the basic needs are satisfied, then the people need mental peace, the mental peace without any ritual or tedious practices and complicated methods. Unlike other religions, Buddhism does not practice any ritual. With simple faith and no complicated rituals, it is possible to attain Nirvana. Its foundation is Humanitarian consideration. That is why Buddhism is more popular in the world today. Our concepts are based on Buddhism. Our interest is wellbeing of all common people without any discrimination.