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scholarship "A scholar is like a book written in a dead language. It is not every one that can read in it."

Education is very important for an individual's success in life. Education provides pupils teaching skills that prepare them physically, mentally and socially for the world of work in later life. Education is generally seen as the foundation of society which brings economic wealth, social prosperity and political stability. Higher education helps in maintaining a healthy society which prepares health care professionals, educated health care consumers and maintaining healthy population. Education is major aspect of development of any modern society. If there is a deficit of educated people then society will stops its further progress. Hence We at Amitabh Buddhist Society, spread the importance of education by conducting various sessions, preparing slide shows, street plays, etc. We also have one-to-one correspondence with people who have less exposure.

We believe that Scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement to meritorious students. A special emphasis is given to studies abroad where also the innovative methods are used and substantial developments have taken place in the field of education. We at ABS, provide scholarship to every meritorious student.

India is facing a fairly large setback due to Poverty and we all are well aware of the same. Each day we see a different story on the news channel regarding Poverty. There are many, who are willing to study but can’t due to bad economical conditions.  These people are forced to gulp their intelligence within themselves. This is in turn a blockage to our country’s growth. Their economical conditions are responsible in stopping many flying engineers, doctors, professor’s, pilots, scientists, etc.  This acts as a show-stopper for our country’s economic growth. Secondly if these people are uneducated, so will the string of their children and their generation will also remain uneducated.

We at ABS had a deep concern for this problem and came down to the wise decision of providing scholarship to such students. We at ABS give scholarship for those students, whose economical condition is not good, but they have an inclination towards excellence in education as well as in sports. By giving them scholarship we give them a platform to explore their intelligence and their skills and grow with flying colors.

It is rightly said "Many are the scholars who make it their professional occupation to occupy themselves in this towering edifice of culture, exploring its nook and crannies, developing their responses, making their contributions here and there, and helping to hand it on to succeeding generations. For some the temptation proves irresistible to go yet farther and make this the concern of their lives, letting society go its own sorry way while they lock themselves away in this abiding, socially transcendent cultural stronghold, acquiescing in society while pursuing it.”

ABS believes that, Education is the best investment for the people because well educated people have more opportunities to get a job which gives them satisfaction. Educated individuals enjoy respect among their colleagues and they can effectively contribute to the development of their country and society by inventing new devices and discoveries. We at ABS promote such students / individuals and give scholarship to them who we believe will make the most out of it. This scholarship is given on the base of their skill, attitude, knowledge and curiosity.

ABS has figured out that “True scholarship consists in knowing not what things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory but judgment.”