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science Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

We at Amitabha Buddhist Society think that science has enjoyed an extraordinary success because it has such a limited and narrow realm (domain) in which to focus its efforts. Namely, the physical universe. We all know the importance of science in our day to day life but have you ever thought if this science, technology and scientific knowledge did not exist in our life anymore, just vanishes up?? But you'll be surprised to know there are people who don’t know about science and its applications. Don’t you think it’s our duty to spread the knowledge or make such people aware about the wonderful world of science…

ABS endeavor to teach those people who are unaware about science, technology, its applications and they are confined in their own world with myths and false beliefs. They don’t know even where are they living, what’s the name of system and galaxy where they are existing? We want them to exercise their rights to learn about science and its application in their daily living which will make their day to day tasks easier and faster which will intern be beneficial to them. This step of giving them knowledge about physics, astrophysics and our universe is being taken by us. As we know teaching and giving them knowledge on such topics is not a one day job so we conduct seminars and conferences to leave the impact of science views and thought on their minds.

The philosophy of science seeks to understand the nature and justification of scientific knowledge. It has proven difficult to provide a definitive account of scientific method that can decisively serve to distinguish science from non-science. Thus there are legitimate arguments about exactly where the borders are, which is known as the problem of demarcation. Facts are not science - as the dictionary is not literature.

ABS wants you to know that Science is a cemetery of dead ideas. But still many of them fail to explore it. There are still people those who wrongly assume that earth is flat and they hesitate to go beyond their local boundaries or step out of their confined place. Unless these people won’t go out explore their talent and put it into a write frame, they are not going to achieve success of their share which would be unfair. But for that, society should help such people those who need the knowledge on science and its application in every field. Here we step in and insist that they need to be realized that they live in a far progressed and developed world where technology is the need of every hour. They could yield more and more benefits from their limited time just by knowing the application of science and leave behind their blind faiths. This special and extraordinary job of spreading the knowledge of how they can make most out of their world by just stretching their arms and grabbing this opportunity is performed by ABS.