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Our Strategic

our strategic Amitabh Buddhist Society is formed for Rural Development and poor class of society. The development is not limited for social, economical, educational, environmental, agricultural development, but it is also interested in development of human relationship and bond; and spiritual development. The combined effect of development in all these areas of a human being will provide him peace of mind. To achieve this, a systematic study and planning was made. The following methodology was adopted in planning.

  • Identification of Problem: A regular survey team was organized and surveys were conducted in different rural areas. By way of discussion with rural population, their local problems and difficulties were recorded. Their expectations were also noted down.
  • Scrutiny of Problems: All the problems were scrutinized and grouped as economical. Social, educational, environmental, health, agricultural etc. The possible solutions to the problems were assessed after discussions with experts in the fields. Accordingly, the priority of work schedule was made for implementation.
  • Economic Consideration: To implement any scheme, strong economic back ground is needed. Considering the nature of problem, the requirement of funds was worked out. Being a social activity, mere availability of funds is not sufficient, unless there is a band of volunteers to implement the development scheme.
  • Funds: Economy is the foundation of development. Without economic support development is not possible. We hope to raise the finds by appealing to the people at large. There are many donors and trusts ready to help for a noble cause. There are also various Govt. schemes for rural development. We will try to get the financial help from such schemes. Banks also give loans at nominal interest rate for such social activities. Govt, subsidies are also available for agricultural and environmental protection schemes. We wish to take the advantages of such schemes.
  • Volunteers: To fight a war against poverty, a large army of volunteers is needed. Luckily, in our society there are many people of different age groups, ready to work as volunteer in such social activity. We have a group of such volunteers with us. If we make an appeal to the people, we are sure that many more will join us in this social cause.
  • Training: For any vocational trade, training is very important, once we identify the talents available in local population, we will plan a suitable training program to develop traditional skill in artisans, for a salable finished product. This will fetch them good return in terms of money.
  • Spiritual Development: This will be the last stage of development. Once the basic needs are satisfied then a person needs better health and soul. We have planned a yogic and spiritual development plan. Our belief is in Buddhism. It has solutions to all human agonies. It is related to spread the message of human bond among the people. Ultimately a healthy society remains in a healthy spiritual atmosphere. We will be organizing regular yogic classes in rural areas. We will also explain them the teaching of Lord Buddha for development of positive attitude and brotherhood. A good feeling for each other will make the society culturally strong.

Progression Diagram

progression diagram global warming water harvesting water sanitation wind energy solar energy developing forestry developing agriculture children youth health HIV reduce poverty reduce inequalities improve lifestyle help people at risk women’s improvement science sports educational path library scholarship help artist study of literature

clock Currently, we are working on the project.

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