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Ravindra P. Surywanshi
Airtel Communication

ravindra p. surywanshiI am working in Airtel communication, and I know the importance of NGO in favor of national development. When I saw a project of "Amitabha Buddhist Society". in rural region, I was very happy, because their project is based on socialism, in which they are thinking about every low community. ABS has made a good platform in rural part which will be helpful to reduce the gap between rural region and urban region. ABS gives lot of businesses and jobs to rural youth, which is very admirable. I thanks to ABS team because they are doing really good works in rural, which is very important task for becoming our nation as a superpower.

- Thank You

Amit N. Choukade

amit n. choukadeI am from legal profession, and I have seen many NGO and their working in my professional life. When I heard about "Amitabha Buddhist Society",  I  thought that this will be a common NGO. But when I met the representative of ABS, I realized that this is not a common NGO. I appreciate the role of ABS in our society. They are going to create a good society for our nation. Their working in every parts and makes a good platform for lower communities. I would like to tell you one thing that, their concentration is on youth power in rural region. This is a tremendous works for our nation. They are well versed with the power of our youth. They give them businesses, jobs for their economical set up. This is very important works for our country. My good wishes are always with them. - Thank You

Umesh H. Bafna
Bafna Construction and Developers

umesh h. bafnaWe have done lot of construction project in and around Pune city. Our views and thinking are very professional. But when we have seen a project in rural region, in which it has focusing on water harvesting and water sanitation. We have made an enquiry about this project, and we found that, this project was done by               "Amitabha Buddhist Society". We are congratulating to ABS team for conducting a good work in rural part. We are appreciating their efforts about socialization. They play a vital role in rural region with our Government. Our good wishes are with ABS. - Thank You

Raju J. Sable

raju j. sable We are in travelling businesses. For our business purpose we are travelling in every part of India. In our country, we have seen lot of inequalities among the peoples and communities. When I met to Mr. Amar Mane, who is the founder and managing trustee of "Amitabha Buddhist Society", I realized that this NGO is really working for above problems. I congratulate to ABS because they are working about the problems which became a disease to our society. They are doing good work for peoples and for our country. Mission of ABS is very important for developing rural part with urban. I am thankful to ABS team for doing a good work for humanity. - Thank You

Dinesh J. Karale
Tax Consultant

dinesh j. karaleI am a Tax Consultation and I am aware of the value and sentiments behind every donation. We are all Indian and very soon our India will be a super power. We are willing to contribute our share in support of it. When we use the donations carefully, all problems can be sorted out easily. I have seen "Amitabha Buddhist Society" is working with a humanitarian consideration and social upliftment of rural population. They are doing very good project in rural area. I had visited their sites and was satisfied with their approaches and achievements.  I appreciate their efforts for upliftment of rural area.

I am thankful to ABS team for their dedicated and invaluable works. - Thank You

Ajit P Shinde

ajit p shindeI am from medical profession. I have travelled all over INDIA, in which I saw that Indian peoples are unaware about health factor. The percentage of poverty is very high in rural region, government have launched lot of scheme for improving their lifestyle. But they do not have right information about it. When I heard about "Amitabha Buddhist Society" I thought this will be religious trust and it does not take part in social activities. But I was wrong. I made the enquiries, and found that this is a very good NGO with a good social awareness consideration about all things.

They are working in rural region for poor people for their development in social, educational and vocational fields. I congratulate to ABS team for their participation in national development.

- Thank You