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Our Trustee

Our Trust is a totally Non-Political trust. It is only interested in people and not any type of politics. We believe that without social, cultural, economical and educational development no society, masses can develop. Our aim is Total development of human being. The Simple reason why we have selected such a remote area is that there is large scope for all our activities and there are a lot many things which we can achieve. We are well aware that our path is very long, but we are sure that our determination will lead us to our target.

The details of our trustee are given below.

Amar Mane
Managing Trustee of ABS

amar mane My profession is civil engineering. I was working in construction field from my childhood days. During these years I have seen lot of poverty in low class communities. I have seen many worst things in slum area, due to illiteracy, unemployment’s, ignorance, etc. These experiences became my inspiration to open a new NGO as "Amitabha Buddhist Society" for working in rural region, especially for poor peoples.

India is facing many problems such as, malnutrition, unemployment’s, illiteracy, etc. These problems are very huge and our Government’s efforts are short to overcome on it. Our aim to develop every person economically, educationally, and spiritually sound as per teaching of Lord Buddha.

ABS aims to make a self sustainable project in rural part and participate in making our India as a super power in the world.

Siddharth Surywanshi
Trustee of ABS

siddharth surywanshi I am from very poor family, in which my farther was working in a small workshop as a helper. We did not have a electricity in our house due to poor condition. But we did very hard work for our education, and I had completed my law study in Pune city.

I have never forgotten my experiences of my childhood days. This blaze was in my mind from long time. Today we are opening the NGO, "Amitabha Buddhist Society" for solving the similar problems which we have experienced. Our aim is to work in rural part, because we know that the situation of rural is very bad.

We are concentrating on youth power which is being wasted in our country. Our aim is to work on environment protection, social, education, and spiritual sector. Our vision is clear. With our belief in Buddhism, we have confidence about our project, because patriotism is our inspiration.

Gautam Mane
Trustee of ABS

gautam mane I have spent many years of my life to create a good and strong community for our nation. During these years I have faced many kinds of problems in society. From these experiences my conclusion is, that this is happening in our society, due to illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, etc.

People say that India will be a super power till 2020. But I think it is not possible until we do not take an action towards the above problems. The condition of rural region is very bad, and there is no time for anybody to take some action against it. So we have formed NGO "Amitabha Buddhist Society" for solution to the problems.

We know that this is not easy work, but we believe in Buddha and His teaching. We believe in karma theory, and we know our work is pure because we follow the Buddhism. We will be successful in our efforts.