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Our Vision

our vision Our India is a fast developing country. By the year 2050, our country will be a super power. It will no longer be a developing country. All other nations will be looking at our country for guidance to prosperous development. That will be a proud moment for all we Indians. We will be self sufficient in all respect. But this is not the true picture of our society. However we be economically sound, there is a part of the society still be living under poverty line. The fruits of development will be visible in urban areas. But the population of rural areas will still be starving. That is the matter of concern. This is what we have observed. All those people are they not our brothers and sisters? Do they not have right to prosper? But their social conditions are so weak that unless someone help them, they are helpless and can not stand on their own feet. The gap between the rich and poor will still be widening. This gap can be minimized, if someone will understands what are the causes of this gap and put up the efforts to improve the social conditions of these people.

We, the members of "Amitabha Buddhist Society" had undertaken a survey of small section of a rural area near Pune and studied the needs of those people. They are ignorant, illiterate and unaware of any social reforms. They still live in the most primitive manner. They do not have any facility to improve their living conditions due to non availability of such resources and knowledge. And even if they have, they do not know how to use it. We have undertaken this activity voluntarily and with humanitarian consideration. We have taught them to values of health and hygiene, new methods of cultivation for better yield, developing kitchen garden to cater nutritious food for reducing health problems, water harvesting and important of all the preservation of plants and trees to maintain ecological balance. The use of non-conventional energy sources eg, solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. By following simpler techniques, the living conditions can be improved to a better level. We have developed a strong bond among these people and ourselves. They are now hopeful that yes, there are some groups who do care for them. There are organizations to support them. They are now anxious and eager to learn more things for their better living. They do not want charity, but want to learn new techniques so that they can stand on their own legs and do their own developments.

ABS has found our destination. To serve the mankind is service to God. By this small survey, we have seen a large section of poor people await for such bare minimum developments to improve their living conditions. We are committed to help them out. This is not an easy task. But with proper workout and cooperation from all sections of our society, we are sure that we will reach our destination. We belong to this society and it is our duty to help that oppressed class of our society to improve their living conditions. This is the teaching of Buddhism. Once the physical needs are satisfied, to attain Nirvana is not difficult. This is the spiritual state of mind which every human being desire to attain in the end.