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youthIndia is the largest Democratic country in the world. Presently 60% of Indian population comprises of youth which is our strength and power. Any countries future depends in youth. So ABS has given serious thought on the same and accordingly have planned for the overall development of Indian Youth.

To develop positive, trained and responsible youth is the main aim and objective of our Trust.

Today many groups in society, political parties or even NGO’s keep the target of collecting youth. But the major challenge with ABS is coordination and channelizing youth to give them education and increase their physical strength. Equally important is to enhance their personalities by Yoga, Meditation and other trainings and improve their understanding, making them empathetic towards their environment. At the same time making the youth a knowledgeable person by providing them knowledge of the Universe.

ABS has chalked out various practical, employment and self employment oriented  courses and schemes for youth. These courses are important and are mainly related to:

  1. Agriculture and other agriculture based activities.
  2. Marketing Skills.
  3. Computer and IT related courses.
  4. Social Mass communication and services.

Under agricultural activity ABS aims to channelize and promote agricultural activities and agro based activities like dairy, veterinary, fertilizers, fishery etc. In the initial stage ABS will start pilot projects in Trust land with conventional cultivators. Under this pilot project, the importance of Agriculture, productivity in Agriculture, losses etc. will be considered and assessed.

For selected youths, Residential training programmes will be arranged in which experts, scientists, bankers and other consultants will create and develop confidence and motivate youth to accept all the challenges in Agriculture activities which is the main source of creating wealth. This will help them to work in Agricultural field in a determined way.

During these training programmes, special efforts will be taken to increase awareness regarding the non – conventional sources of energy like solar energy; wind energy etc. and the feeling of nationality will be increased in youths. And a youth developed with such intense training will have pleasure, positive personality and integrity which will help them to accept global challenges, to remove poverty, and to reduce the gap between rich and poor.

In addition training programmes will be conducted by ABS to develop conceptual and executive skills among youths. Some examples of the training programmes that will be arranged are sports, security services, police recruitments, military recruitments etc. Various attitude and aptitude tests will be conducted. For the total personality development of youth training will be given to develop the mind setup like Buddhism, yoga, meditation and physical fitness.

If a person wants to change the future he must know the history. So there will be sessions on history, religion as India and Indian people have got great heritage of history, religion and variety of lifestyles due to different cultures.

Trainings to develop feeling of unity, equality and respect for each other will be organized. And we would endeavour to develop common mean, common goal, and common target among youth that will help to increase, develop and prosper India.

ABS will develop one common platform for youth and with the help of Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation our Common Goal of “Peace”, welfare of all Human being can be achieved.

Today unfortunately the youth of India is scattered, angry and unemployed and due to unavailability of jobs, and lack of proper ideal, the youth is directionless and is thus opting for destructive ways. It is very important to give them direction so that they can nurture a peaceful, beautiful and tension free life for themselves. It is it is the need of society. The time has emerged when India needs to prove with action and ABS is formed for the same. With our efforts for youth development we can channelize and co-ordinate youth and by nurturing discipline and good manner among them. We can increase better understanding, empathy and cooperation among youths.

We believe that “science can provide us all the means, but human religion can only give us peace of mind which is the end of all.” Details of youth activities are yet to be chalked out ‘in the web’. It will be incorporated on day to day basis.

Meantime your active participation and suggestions are eagerly awaited. Because without that we cannot grow and provide you the best service. Our mission towards youth development is not a one day or a time being activity. Neither is it possible for a single person to accomplish this task. Our target is that the youth activity of ABS should be universal unbreakable, unconditional and unquestionable. It should umbrella the wellbeing of all human beings.

Sports: In India sports activities are mainly conducted and recognized in cities and metropolitan towns only. It is observed that even rural youth have all types of skills regarding Indian and foreign games too. Athletes can be groomed from rural youths too if they are given the chance to prove their ability, skills. So to develop youth talents in this area we will promote, guide, and conduct the required training for various games. Special guidance and financial help will also be provided only in the trust area.

Education: During the First World War money was power, during Second World War muscle was power but today knowledge power will be the greatest power to rule the world. Fortunately Indian history, Indian present and future position is nothing but it is “hub” i.e.  greatest stock of knowledge and which is available nowhere else but only in India. Any part, stream of knowledge is from and in India only i.e. from economy to science, computer to culture, systems to sociology, physics to philosophy, in short pin to play we can create develop and maintain using the knowledge base available in India.

Majority of youths are in remote area. Indian youth can do anything and everything in the world. It has been proven by history that from remote areas, from agriculture to atom and automobile to advance technology villagers has given the path of success to nation and world.

So we will arrange permanent vocational guidance (VGP) in the trust premises only. We will provide all the required assistance, guidance, cooperation, direction, motivation and everything that is required for youth development. We will take care of developing national interest in youths. In addition there will be programs for real developments of minds by way of Yoga, meditation etc.  We will guide youth about the concepts like what is ultimate truth, what is happiness, and satisfaction etc.

Nation’s youth is not our property but it is nation’s entity. Cultivation of minds with positive, creative, persuasive approach will be possible with continuous efforts only. Quality cannot be an accident. But it is the result of continues directive efforts.  So ABS will take massive efforts on the masses (youth) residing near the trust area, by way of encouraging and coordinating programmes time to time.